So I'm in the WS/ENGL 354, Feminist Literary Theory. I think that I've bitched about this to everyone.

The professor has only attended 1/3 of the classes. And we's only had one assignment. AND she told me when I turned in the in-class rough draft she told me and several others that we need writing help. Even the people in my class who work at the SALT Writer's Labs. Wtf.

She won't just give us our papers back, but from the lecture she's given us we didn't do good. Sigh, I hate this class.

Oh! I got a call from the sorority girls moving into my apartment next semester, and they might take over my lease during the summer to keep their stuff in during the summer. Yeah!

EDIT: Oh, so the professor handed out like 5 essays, had five essays ungraded, and forgot five. Mine was in the "forgotten" category. Yup, going to start the grade petition now..
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